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Experiment 4 Online Tutorial >> Volumetric Analysis: Potassium Permanganate Titration >> Calculate Concentration Oxalic Acid

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Experiment 4 - Volumetric Analysis: Potassium Permanganate Titration

Calculations for Preparing a Standard Solution

Part 1 - Calculate the concentration of oxalic acid.

    In Exp #4, you will prepare 250.0 mL of the standard solution. This is achieved by first mixing an accurately-weighed amount of sodium oxalate powder with a small amount of sulfuric acid and de-ionized water in a beaker. This mixture is transferred to a 250 mL volumetric flask and de-ionized water is then added to fill the flask to the calibration line. The sodium oxalate dissolves in the acidic media to produce aqueous oxalic acid (H2C2O4).

    A 25.00 mL sample of the oxalic acid standard solution is then placed in an Erlenmeyer flask. The unknown solution (KMnO4) is added from a buret until the end-point has been reached. For various reasons, best results are obtained when about 25 mL of KMnO4 are used in this titration.

    You are told that the concentration of KMnO4 is about 0.01M and your task is to determine this concentration precisely, with 4 significant figures accuracy.

    How do you ensure that the 25.00 mL sample of oxalic acid will react completely (to the end point) with about 25 mL of KMnO4? Your first step is to answer the following question:

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