Type: Online Courses

Developed with the Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University, our online course modules provide comprehensive online instruction. The courses incorporate videos, virtual lab activities, practice tutors and assessment materials. The courses also allow instructors to track student progress.

  • Modern Chemistry II at Carnegie Mellon University

    This experimental course is based on the 2005 version of Modern Chemistry II (course number 09-106) taught at Carnegie Mellon University. The course contains a full semester of lectures interspersed with concept quizzes, practice problems and virtual lab activities. The course is broken up by topic into units and modules.

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  • Stoichiometry Bridge Course

    This is a complete course in chemical stoichiometry, set in a scenario that shows how stoichiometry calculations are used in real world situations. This course has been designed to not only help you strengthen your skills with stoichiometry calculations, but also to see how those calculations are used to design and interpret laboratory experiments and to help solve real world problems. The topics covered range from dimensional analysis and the mole up through empirical formulas, limiting reagents, titrations, and reactions involving mixtures. This list of topics is similar to that in a high school chemistry course, although with a greater focus on reactions occurring in solution and on the use of the ideas to design and carry out experiments.

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