Chemical Remediation of Arsenic
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Chemical Remediation of Arsenic

Arsenic in well water is a dangerous problem that has caused countless diseases around the world. Because many of the peoeple affected by this problem live in undeveloped countries, cheap and reliable methods for remediation of arsenic have become a highly researched area. One approach to economically remove arsenic from drinking water is to use a reaction that forms a solid compound with the arsenic. When the reaction occurs, the solid will precipitate from the water, removing the arsenic contamination. In this case, it's important to know what remains in the solution after the precipitation since both reactants (the arsenic and the compound you are using to precipitate it) may be undesirable.

One such proposed precipitation reactions is:

Your goal here is to determine what is left over when we mix a diluted solution that contains (click here if you want step-by-step help to solve this problem)

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