Hot/Cold Pack Problem - Part 1: Determine Heat of Solution

Part 1 description: Using the salts provided in the VL cabinet determine the heat of solution of MgSO4, K2SO4, KNO3 and NH4NO3.

To create a calorimeter in the virtual lab, right click on any piece of glassware and choose "Thermal Properties.." In the Thermal Properties dialogue box, check "insulate". Assume that the calorimeter container does not absorb any heat and that the specific heat for the solution is 4.184 J/gºK (same as for water). The Virtual Lab is set up to enable you to determine the literature values for the heats of solution which are required in the wet lab.

To ensure that the amount of solid added to the calorimeter is accurately recorded, the mass of salt should be weighed out by differences. Click on "Solid" button on the "Solution Information" window on the right. Highlight the jar of salt to see the mass of the solid. Transfer the required amount to the calorimeter and check the mass of the salt again.