DNA Reaction

In this activity, you will work with a reaction between strands of DNA.

Remember that DNA is a sequence of the letters A,C,T, and G. A binds with T and C binds with G. Solutions are specified by the DNA sequence, such as ACAC or TG, and by the concentration in units of micromolar (µM = 10-6M)

Consider mixing ACAC with TG. Predict what reactants and products should be present in the final solution and then check your answer in the virtual lab. (Please give your final answer in total nanomoles (10-9moles) for each species in the solution)

Important: Please describe your complete procedure and the key quantities you measure. Points are based on whether or not you explain your procedure in sufficient detail for us to know what you did. You are not graded on the method you used; all approaches that produce accurate results are fine.

(Note: you may have to dilute your reactants before mixing them)