You are a work study student in our chemistry department. Amy, your supervisor has just asked you to prepare of solution for tomorrow's undergraduate experiment. The Stock Solutions cabinet is under the Stockroom Explorer. You will find find a 2.50 liter bottle containing Please prepare a flask containing solution. To ensure proper credit, please write your calculations in the space given below.

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In designing your procedure, it is useful to remember that diluting a substance does not change the amount of that substance. So the number of moles of the substance before the dilution is the same as the number of moles after the dilution (conservation of matter). The number of moles in solution is given by the concentration (C in moles/liter) multiplied by the volume (V in liters). So the conservation of matter implies:

C1V1 = C2V2

where C is concentration and V is volume. 1 labels the solution before the dilution and 2 labels the solution after the dilution. (This expression is based on the number of moles of the substance between the same before and after the dilution, with C (moles/liter) * V (liter) = moles).

Important: Please describe your complete procedure and the key quantities you measure. Points are based on whether or not you explain your procedure in sufficient detail for us to know what you did. You are not graded on the method you used; all approaches that produce accurate results are fine.